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Authorised Liquip Aviation, Terminal and Depot equipment distributor and the UK's leading loading arm solution provider.

Liquip XL specialise in the design and supply of Fuel and Depot Loading Bay equipment and are able to offer a full range of metering and loading equipment.

  • Custom Loading Arms
  • Tank Overfill and Ground protection Monitors
  • Bottom and Vapour Loading Couplings
  • Maintenance and Check Valves
We are also the UK Distributor for the ISOIL IMPIANTI s.P.a Range of Fuel Metering Systems and are able to supply:
  • PD Meters 2” – 10”
  • Preset Valves 3” – 10”
  • Electronic Presets
  • Mechanical Presets
  • Filter Air Eliminators

For over 20 years, the UK’s leading Petroleum companies have used Liquip's UK distribution network for the supply of quality petroleum Loading equipment which meets all the required certifications.  

If you have a requirement for Loading, Metering or Overfill/Earthing, please contact us and we will assist you with the most efficient, cost-effective and safest method to achieve it.

To request a quotation, place an order or discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us:

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Liquip XL

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Complete Loading Arms

Liquip offers a comprehensive range of complete loading arms to meet all of your bulk loading and unloading requirements. Whether the application involves loading terminals, self bunded tanks, tank trucks, railcars or other skids and you are transferring hazardous or corrosive chemicals, Liquip is the best industry loading arm to choose.

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Loading System Components

Liquip offers an extensive product line of loading system components for today's bulk loading and unloading requirements. Whether the application involves top, bottom, LPG, vapour, bitumen or custom loading, Liquip supplies premium components that are preferred worldwide.

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Overfill Protection

Liquip offers a comprehensive range of Overfill Protection/Electronic Rack equipment that are used to monitor loading and unloading operations.
Liquip's range includes: Rack monitors, gantry plugs, test equipment and accessories. This equipment has been designed to reliably deliver best-in-class operation while helping to ensure the superior safety is achieved. 

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Vapour Recovery

Liquip's range of vapour recovery products provide effective and safe recovery of the vapour that is expelled during the loading and unloading process while minimising pressure drops that may slow down these processes.

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-Liquip International has appointed a new authorised distributor (Liquip XL) in the UK and Ireland to provide the full range of Liquip’s terminal and aviation equipment.

-Liquip has supplied over 10 major Terminal in the UK with their RM140 Rack Monitor. Total, Valero and Puma Energy now operate between them some 55 loading bays utilising the Liquip RM140 monitor to provide effective Earth and Overfill protection for their loading operations.

Since the introduction of the RM140 in 2007, Liquip have supplied 100+ RM140 series earth units into the UK.


  • Local knowledge and supported by worldwide resources.
  • Comprehensive range of products.
  • Working collaboratively with our customers to address requirements.
  • Loading Arm system design and installation.


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